Meet The Team

Angela - Licensed Trainer

I'm Angela the Founder and Owner of Walkie Walks, which was established in 2005, when we adopted my mother’s Westie called Rosie. I have over 40 years experience of different dogs and pets.  My passion has always been observing, studying and working with dogs, to help create a better understanding for owners and their dogs.  We have truly amazing clients and pets, they are so individual with their own personalities. I couldn't ask for a better way of spending my days!

I've trained owners dogs who may have come from rescue with no social skills, maybe anxious or fearful of other dogs and people.  My puppy and adult obedience training is ideal to prevent any unwanted behaviours, creating love and harmony in the home.

I trained alongside Celebrity Dog Trainer Steve Mann IMDT,who was on This Morning with Lorraine Kelly, training her puppy. Nando Brown who previously worked with IMDT who now runs 'The School of Canine Science'.  

After completing intensive Theoretical and Practical accredited qualifications and certifications in Dog Training and Behaviour. I feel honoured to have been hand-picked by World known Clinical Animal Behavourist and Trainer, Sarah Whitehead ( BA, MSc ) to join her team of Licensed Trainers under her Clever Dog Company Method.  I continue my own personal development, going to Seminars, Masterclasses, to stay up to date with the latest training, which I can then pass onto my clients and their dogs.

I am a member of Sarah Whitehead's, Inner Circle (The only online portal for Behavouirist's & Trainers.) 

My Professional Development Qualifications: 

  • Canine First Aid Trained
  • Practical Dog Training
  • Practical Instructor Training
  • Canine Body Language & Facial Expression.
  • Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation
  • Canine Body Language
  • ThinkDog Training & Behaviour-Sarah Whitehead
  • ThinkDog Practical Training Course - With Sarah Whitehead & Stella Bagshaw (Clicker Queen)
  • Impulse Control
  • Clever Dog Company Training - Sarah Whitehead & Stella Bagshaw
  • Practical Loose Lead Training
  • Practical Recall Training

Karen - Professional Dog Walker and Pet Carer

My life has always been filled with animals, I have kept all kinds of animals in the past, from rabbits and guinea pigs to budgies and cats but my big passion has always been dogs - my home without a dog in it would be just a house. I currently have two yorkies Gizmo and Boo, two beautiful sisters that I adore. I have also rescued many different animals, whether it be the little mouse that the cat brought home that went back to his freedom with a full tummy or the escaped horse running down the middle of the road, I pick up injured birds or lost pets all returned back to where they should be. Now I find myself walking other peoples dogs it truly is the best job I have ever done, I believe it is what I was born to do, I love and care for everyone of them as if they were my own, and they reward me with their own love back and their wagging tails - everyday is a happy day with a happy four legged friend by my side.

  • Canine First Aid Trained

Pat - Professional Dog Walker and Pet Carer

I've always had cats Micky a male tabby & Tinker who lived till she was 17. We then got another cat Tinker Two, who had a cat friend who moved away which made her sad so we got an additional cat called Cassie, they loved each other so much, always together. They lived till they were 18 years old.

Now I have a 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel called Honey who we rescued when she was 5. When we got, her she had some behavioural issues, (setparation anxiety and being protective) which we have learnt and Managed to deal with. She is very loving our little (Honey Bunny).

I have been with the Walkie Walks team for over two years now, walking so many different breeds and looking after so many pets, it's truly fantastic!

  • Canine First Aid Trained